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A lack of concern. Clearly in Wisdom the author was writing about someone where the people did not care whether the person lived or died.

Over the years I have come to regard life as extremely precious. Maybe too much because I do not even want the bugs or worms to die on cement sidewalks. (OK, maybe not mosquitoes and ticks.)

Every living thing should be given the right to live their life to the full. I cannot imagine cutting life short for anyone. But it happens all the time. Whether we are talking about abortion, tragic killings in our cities, or any number of wars happening today as we read this reflection. We have a lack of concern because it is not happening to us right now. We are not personally involved.

I say right now because over the past five years we have had some tragic losses of life. Did these events change our lives, our way of thinking? Did you shake your head in disbelief, but that was the extent of your concern?

That is indifference. I imagine or hope it is that most people do not know what they can do. May I suggest first pray. Second ask how these things are happening around us. Third volunteer to make a difference. Difference vs indifference. You can make a difference!

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen