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A New Heaven and A New Earth

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A New Heaven and a New Earth

Several times we hear this proclamation: a new heaven and a new earth. Stop a moment. Reflect on this. What does it mean to you? When Isaiah speaks of Jerusalem, he is supposedly foretelling heaven. Jerusalem is often a word to help us think of heaven.

Jerusalem is the home of God, but God’s true dwelling is in heaven. As I get closer to one hundred, hearing the phrase that someone who dies before they are one hundred is accursed is surprising. Or hearing the phrase that living to a hundred will be considered as a youth. I want to stay, wait a minute.

This getting to a hundred is becoming a full-time job. There are many aches and pains that go with this, not to mention a lot of medical bills. But a new heaven and a new earth. What changes in this new heaven and new earth?

Often, we tell people that there is no more pain of suffering in heaven. Hmmm, then maybe one hundred will not be so bad. I wonder? What would a new earth look like? I wonder. Everything Adam and Eve needed was provided. They had God’s graces in abundance. They had a relationship with Him on higher level than perhaps our minds can fathom today. That would be awesome, too.

Can you imagine worshipping God without your mind wandering to mundane things like what is for supper, or did I leave the coffee pot on, or when does this get over? Instead, our entire being would be able to focus on God and remain on focus, not missing any of those other trivialities. And if one hundred is still in the youth of our time, what would eternity look like?

God, we have so many questions. Help us through this life that we may always remain with you in eternal life.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen