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We all have expectations. That is part of our human nature. We have expectations for ourselves. Remember what you hoped to be when you grew up. Think now of the expectations you have for today. Are they even close? Have your expectations all been met?

Naaman had expectations. He expected the prophet to come out, shake some beads, shout some incantations, and burn incense. That is what he has tried for years to get rid of his leprosy. Nothing worked.

We are of the same nature. Our expectation tells us that healing is supposed to work in a certain pattern or some way. When it doesn’t, we don’t necessarily look elsewhere for a solution or cure but literally keep banging our head on the same wall in the same place. When the prophet says to go bathe in a very muddy, dirty water it does not fit into the expectations of Naaman and he is angry.

Finally, the people with him convince to at least try it because it is such a strange way to cure leprosy. Going into the river with no expectations, Naaman is healed. His world has completely changed. Could it have been his lack of expectation allowed this strange way of curing leprosy to work?

The people surrounding Jesus were proclaiming that Jesus did not fit their expectations of what a prophet should be. They plan to hurl him over the edge of a cliff.

Faith requires belief. The more we believe the stronger the faith. Faith demands we trust completely in God. Our expectations have no impact on God. Trusting that God will provide for us we can know we are loved. Our expectations then become an obstacle to God. There is an old quote: Let go and let God.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen