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Do You Want to be Next to Jesus? No?

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Do You Want to be Next to Jesus? No

The mother of James and John wants to have her sons sit, one at the right and one at the left of Jesus. What great positions of power and authority!

I do believe our parents always want the best for their children. So does this mother. But she does not know what she is asking. And if she did, she would ask for something more. What could be more than reigning with Jesus? I think you just caught it, didn’t you? Reigning!

She does not realize that Jesus did not come to reign in this world. Not at all. He came to serve. He gave up everything that is His to serve humanity. Jesus knows He is the king of the universe. Everything is already His. Why would He need two human beings to help Him reign? He is the Word of God. He only speaks and it happens.

Look at the passage again. To sit at His right and to His left implies that James and John are next to Jesus. That is not why Jesus became man.

Instead, Jesus wants us to be one with Him. United with Him, through Him and in Him and with Him, in union with Him. Not next to Him but in Him. The Mother could not fathom the depth of love that Jesus has for His disciples.

This Lent is truly a pilgrimage to find the love God has for us. Lent is not a time penalty or sadness because we gave up something. No, it is a time of love and joy to enter unity with Jesus, our savior.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen