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God Does Not Love?

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God Does Not Love?

Does this title shock you? You have heard it said many times that God is love. Then how can you say God does not love? This may sound a little complicated, but I invite you to meditate on this today.

God is love, true. God does not love as human beings love. Our love is connected to our emotions. To guard against our emotions, we set up barriers to protect ourselves from being hurt by those we love or with those we think love us. It is almost as if we have a contract established to love someone.

This does not work with God. He has no contracts. He is not a score keeper. He does not keep a book of our good or evil deeds. His love is not based on our human knowledge of love, which is terribly limited. Nor does He ask us to love Him in a human, earthly manner. Rather, the love we have for God should emanate from within our hearts in a spiritual manner. A love not created by us but from God alone through the groaning of the Holy Spirit.

So, God does not love in a manner of how we think God should love. Admittedly, we do not understand how God loves, just that He does love in a Godly way. Do not put God in a box with your rules. His love is too great to be limited by the smallness of our minds.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen