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Do We Want Persecutions?

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Do We Want Persecutions?

Just yesterday we heard of the rich young man. He could not give up his possessions to follow Jesus. He went away sad. If you were a disciple of Jesus, witnessing this dialogue between Jesus and the rich young man, what would you be thinking? Remember, you have given up everything to follow Jesus.

Well, obviously, so did Peter. He must have been thinking of the rationality of his recent decisions. He was a fairly successful fisherman. And he just walked away from his business and his family. What was he thinking?

The choice made by the rich young man seems to be more logical. At least he still has all his possessions. Do you suppose Peter started to think of his boats? Who was taking care of his possessions? So, Peter asks the business question: We have given up everything to follow you. What do we get in return?

Well, scripture tells us homes, brothers and sisters and that is good. But all this comes with persecutions. Do we really want more persecutions? The quick answer is yes if we want eternal life. Why? Because in this life there will always be persecutions. Peter helps to address this concern. Be holy as our Father is holy.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen