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To Judge Is to be Judged

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To Judge Is to be Judged

We tend to judge all the time. Repeatedly the Bible tells us not to judge other people. That belongs to God. When we judge actions or the results of certain actions, it is our responsibility to determine right from wrong. Then address how we want to live our life. Yes, the Bible tells us to admonish and instruct the sinner, but that is tempered with kindness and love. In other words, sometimes we need to admonish and instruct, but we need to judge when the right time is. It might be better to bite our tongue than say something at this time.

I would suggest this before correcting someone else. First, write down what the fault is. This is good to do at any time. It should be clear in your mind what you are about to address. Now write down what the correction is. There may be several steps to be taken. Third, write down what should have been done. Fourth, and this most critical, review what should have been done and then ask yourself, could you live up to your standard? Is your standard greater than the Bible or the teaching of Church? Or is your standard what you think it should be, but you cannot live up to it either?

Divorce is an example of judging. Each spouse judges the other. The judge judges the outcome of the divorce. People who know the divorced couple are judging who was the guilty party. The children are judging their parents. The grandparents are judging. The judging just goes on and on. The divisions increase and multiply.

Love is gone and hatred fills the gap. Human solutions are usually quick and only cause human heartaches. Let us strive to stop and judging and let it remain with Jesus.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen