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Do Not Forget the Presence

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Do Not Forget the Presence

This is the second story of feeding the people. We really see the human side of Jesus. He desires to take care of His people. Being human, He knows what being hungry is.

Wherever Jesus went He would find ways to help others. His hospitality was exceptional. For many of us we seek ways to help each other. We extend hospitality to all who come into our lives. We will even step out of our comfort zone to extend hospitality to others who may have offended us. This is all good and the right thing to do. But have you forgotten?

We can become so wrapped up in hospitality that we forget to put ourselves in the presence of God. Just as when He fed the people and had an abundance of leftovers the people forgot. Earthly food lasts only a short time. It does not satisfy the inward hunger of our desire to be with God. Only taking time to be in the presence of God do we realize our hunger for God.

Try this for your prayer life. Before saying anything, make the sign of the cross. Now just sit quietly. Mentally place yourself in the presence of God. All of us will have a different mental picture of what that might be. Spend a few minutes just being in the presence of God. Then begin your prayers. This will help you focus your mind and your heart in preparation for prayer and dialogue with God.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen