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The Loss of a Child

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The Loss of a Child

David’s son, Absalom, was trying to wrench the kingdom from his father, David. Absalom had started an insurrection and divided the family. Not much is said about Absalom except that he was handsome and had beautiful long hair.

When we compare the attributes of Absalom to his father, David, being handsome and having great hair hardly compared to humility and the understanding we must all seek forgiveness. David’s virtues keep him in relationship to the Lord. Absalom’s vanity kept him isolated from the Lord.

Interestingly, what God has given to each man are gifts, pure gifts. Gifts that can be used for God’s service. Or gifts that can be vainly used for selfish purposes. Absalom’s gifts are eventually his downfall as his long hair traps him in a tree where he is assassinated.

The death of a child is such a painful loss. As we live longer there are more cases where a child passes away before the parents. The initial reaction is this is not right! We can feel the grief David experiences for his son’s death, even if that son was trying to harm the parent.

Every child is a special gift from God. One to be cherished and, as parents, we must always remember to pray for our children. Grandparents, I have a special affection for all you who have lost a grandchild. I think you are too often forgotten and must suffer your grief alone. God is there for you a special way, accepting your prayers in a most loving way.

For all who have experienced the loss of a loved one let me offer you a little hope and understanding. God gifted you that precious life. Whether it was for a few minutes or too few years. And it is painful for the loss. That just proves the great love God has for all of us. Then what we need to do is gift that love back to God by placing the soul of our loved one in His Hands for safe keeping until we are united again with our heavenly Father and the soul of our loved one that we offer back to God.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen