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False Accusations and Hostilities

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False Accusations and Hostilities

Here is a challenge for you. David is being falsely accused. Shimei is a descendant of Saul. The family of Saul had always accused David of the death of Saul, even though Saul died in battle. We need to pause a moment and remember the dignity and honor David showed Saul. Several times David could have killed Saul, but David granted Saul the honor of being appointed king by God. Therefore, he would not harm Saul. David could have just as easily given the order to have Shimei killed for cursing him and throwing stones at him. But he doesn’t. In this case, David goes one step farther. It must be weighing heavy on David’s heart that his son is trying to rip the kingdom from him. And in his grief and love for his son, David chooses to grant Shimei the dignity of a human being even if he is not acting very kindly or lovingly.

I see in David and his son, Absalom, the divisions we experience in our families today. There is strife and jealousy, accusations and hostilities. Our families are not peaceful. David gives us an example of looking upon false accusations and hostilities as a gift of grace. A time where we can rise above the evils and grant one another forgiveness and mercy. This would a tremendous step for all of us, but would you not agree this is exactly what we need to do in our families? Reflect on the members of your family that you have disagreements with now. When was the last time you prayed for them?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen