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We know what is right and wrong. We work towards doing the right. Admittedly, doing the right thing is a struggle. A struggle? Yes, because in doing the right thing we may have to sacrifice something of ourselves. Give up something. Turn away from our friends and family. Suffer abuse or slander from others.

There are many things that happen when we struggle to do the right thing. And I think many of us have experienced them. David sinned by having relations with Bathsheba. When she became pregnant, he committed additional sins to try to cover up what he had done, even to the point of having her husband killed. None of this seemed to bother him or affect his conscience.

Nathan reframed the situation. He posed a story of a rich man taking advantage of a poor man. David was filled with indignation and rage. Amazing how we are quick to judge someone of the same sins that we commit and not recognize ourselves doing the same wrong. David knew what was right and wrong, he just did not want to apply it to himself. Many reasons why he would do this, they are listed above.

The child from this illicit affair dies. David is humbled and seeks forgiveness from the Lord. In seeking the Lord’s forgiveness, we also reframe what has happened in our lives. Forgiven, we can move forward, seeking to the right, not the wrong. Our past sins do not define who we are today. The Lord has reframed our lives through mercy and forgiveness, and He asks that we do the same for others today. You are forgiven. Go in peace.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen