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He Knows Not How

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He Knows Not How

Farming and gardening are wonderful occupations and hobbies. There is something special about getting your hands dirty. The feel of the earth, the smell of the compost, and the hope or expectation of something growing from your efforts, it is all rather exciting. But as in the gospel today, we know not how.

What triggers that first spark of life? Scientists have analyzed the growth process from the planting to harvest. They know what is needed for growth, what nutrients to maintain a healthy growth, and when the best time to harvest. But we still cannot say when the spark of life begins. Many questions are still unanswered.

To what shall we compare the kingdom of God? We could discuss life at this point, but I want to consider faith. When did the spark of faith first enter into being for you? God has planted the seed of faith in each human being. He invites us to nurture and grow this faith with His grace.

Throughout our lifetime I notice there are many little graces given that ignite this little flame of faith. Sometimes our faith grows quickly, other times it just seems to creep along with no definite path. Except for God who knows what we need and when we need it.

Our faith is not based on the prayers we say. Or the good deeds we do. All of this is important, yes! But it is God that we must turn to – all the time.

Jesus, I trust in you. I place everything in your hands. I do not know or understand this faith you have placed in my heart. I know not how. But I realize you do. Send the Holy Spirit to quiet my fears and harbor my anxieties. Let me grow close to you in all I do.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen