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Who am I?

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Who Am I?

The prophet Nathan has advised David that he is to build a house for the Lord. Think about this. A house for the Lord. How big? How grand? Is there enough to build a house suitable for the Lord? I think the same questions come up today when people decide they need to build a new church or renovate their existing church. Is there enough to glorify the Lord? And who am I to even to consider such a huge project?

These are all judgements that we need to make with all the ability of our human capabilities that we can muster. What is needed is for us to take the matter to prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide us each step of the way. For some people this will be a wonderful, exciting project. For others, they will grumble and moan that we should not even start. It is all how we perceive what is happening based on our experiences. Are we open to the Holy Spirit?

Let us be honest. We are not very good at judgements. The end of gospel shares with us that we will be judged how we judge others. If we are fair and merciful, mercy will be shown us. If we are critical and condemning, then we will be condemned. What would you choose? How do you judge now? Is it time to change?

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen