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Does God Have a Big Toe?

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Does God Have a Big Toe?

Timothy and Titus

(Written for the children’s mass.)

Today is the memorial for the saints Timothy and Titus. So, happy feast day for all those who have the name Timothy. I do not think anyone has the name Titus. Timothy and Titus were friends with St Paul. They went on many of his journeys to share the gospel of Jesus with other people. Eventually, Timothy became the bishop of Ephesus and Titus was the bishop of Crete. Timothy and Titus were first missionaries and then became bishops. They teach us that to know Jesus we become disciples first. We need to learn all we can about Jesus so we can share Him with other people. And as we come to know more about Jesus, we begin to see Jesus. We get to know who He is and what He looks like. Let me ask you a question. Does God have a big toe?

We talk about God being all powerful, all knowing, all everything, don’t we? And we know God is all spirit. Do you think He needs a big toe? What would He do with his big toe? If He has a big toe, does He need hands or ears or eyes or a nose? We see paintings of what people think God looks like, but if God is a spirit, how can you paint a spirit? Or take a picture of a spirit?

St. Paul is telling us about his friends, Timothy and Titus in the first reading. He evens knows their families. St Paul was taught by the best teachers as he was growing up. Now he can teach others about Jesus. St. Paul also knows that some people will not accept Jesus. If they do not accept Jesus, then St Paul knows they will not accept him. And they will not accept his friends, Timothy and Titus. St Paul reminds us that we meet Jesus everyday through our friends and our families. We begin to see Jesus in the people we love. We come to know Jesus through the people we love. Even the people we might not agree with. But that is alright. And as we share love with others, we come to know what Jesus looks like. And as we recognize Jesus in each other we come to recognize God. So does God have a big toe? Yes, because Jesus has a big toe. Two of them, right.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen