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A Fairytale?

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A Fairytale?

The story of David and Goliath makes us think of a fairytale. The handsome knight comes to save the kingdom and if he does, he can marry the king’s daughter. All the elements are there. There is an evil villain who threatens to destroy everyone and everything. All the people are afraid. No one wants to step forward to fight the evil villain. Who will come forward to save the people?

That is when our hero steps forward. He is handsome and is well liked. But he does not look strong enough to fight the villain. The people doubt that he will win. They would really prefer he not go to fight the villain because they do not want to see him die.

When someone steps forward to fight our battles, we try to place on them what we think would win. If we think these things will win the fight for us, why do we just go to battle then? Because we know what we offer our hero are not absolute protection against the evil villain. Perhaps in our cowardly way we shift responsibility to someone else for something that we can do, we just do not believe in ourselves.

Our hero, David, shuns the sword and armor. David looks within himself and realizes God has prepared him for this moment. David has been trained to fight bears and lions in the open. Why should he be afraid of this villain? David uses the talents God has given him and defeats the evil villain.

God prepares you to fight the evil villains in your life. If we trust in the Lord, the battle is the Lord’s. If we choose to deal with the villain in our way, we will fail. David trusted in the Lord and used the gifts God has given him. We all have gifts, we need to trust that God has provided us with what we need.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen