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Isaiah prophecies about something fantastic. He foresees a beautiful place that draws all people into it splendor and glory. When we read this passage today, we can see the light of the world, Jesus, streaming out in all directions, touching the hearts and souls of many peoples. A light of a single star guiding three wise men to the source of all light, the baby Jesus. What a marvelous vision he must have had. Because the light flares out in all directions peoples everywhere in the world are invited to come and experience Christ.

Did you notice, that even with the light of the star guiding the wise men, they had to stop and ask for directions. I think that is an important for all of us to consider, especially those of us who think we understand the message. No matter who we are, how learned we may be, there are times in our lives where we too need to stop and ask for direction. Our faith is a mystery that is to be opened as a flower opens. As we peel back the petals the aroma becomes more intense, the unfolding petals more beautiful and shimmering in the light, and the mystery of the flower opens its secrets of beauty to the eye of the beholder, drawing us deeper into the folds of its beauty. Think of each person as a petal. And in our individual being we each have a faith unique to our soul. When we are all brought together, we come the body of Christ. A beauty of faith for all peoples. The epiphany is when we realize we are the body of Christ to share with all people.

The other point to consider is to notice that the wise men returned home a different way. Two reasons for that. Once you are in the presence of Christ you are not the same. You cannot go back to what you were. Second, although Jesus came for everyone not all people accept him. We must entrust those people into God’s living care. They are His people and He will take care of them. That means we should focus on our families helping them to experience Christ where they discover their epiphany of the Christ-Child.

May the Lord bless you in the name of the Father and if the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen