Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Faith Formation is living a life focused on God and loving our neighbor. Our faith is a seed planted in our hearts by God. It is then first nourished by our parents. They are the best teachers as they live the faith and demonstrate the love of neighbor with the love they have for their children. This year has brought about change that none of us would have ever anticipated. The Church must also look at making some changes in our programs.

Before the COVID19 virus was even known, our religious education staff was evaluating and looking for ways to improve the materials that we use. The virus has hastened our efforts to incorporate these changes, but we are doing so very carefully and thoughtfully, keeping in mind the other challenges families will face with the new school year. We realize trying to conduct religious education classes in a cluster format is not going to work. We do not have the space or the resources to maintain adequate sanitizing or social distancing. After quite a bit of research and evaluation of programs, we have chosen two programs for this coming year. They are:

“Family of Faith” by Sophia Institute for grades K – 5
“Decision Point” by Dynamic Catholic for grades 9 – 11

For students in grades 6 – 8, you will have the opportunity to choose which of these two programs best fit your student.

We are structuring the classes as family sessions. These sessions will be on Sunday morning either before mass or after mass.

  • St. Joseph – 10-11am, after the 9am mass
  • Our Lady of Lourdes – 9-10am, before the 10am mass
  • Holy Trinity – 9:30-10:30am, after the 8:30am mass
  • St. John the Evangelist – 10-11am, before the 11am mass

These sessions will be led by members of the Faith Formation Team. Our goal is to walk with you, the parents, in walking the faith with your child. We will give you the instructions, materials, and best practices to share the faith with your child(ren). These sessions will be on the second Sunday of each month. We plan to have additional resources available online, on our website. We plan to have people available if you have questions. You will have the opportunity to share your faith with your child(ren) during the month. Then in the next month, we will come back together for a short review and presentation of materials for the next month.

We will need you to register. Please visit to register. Registration will help us determine the number of materials needed as well as how to plan for the correct number of people who will be attending each month. God can make good things come out of difficult situations. We view this as a great opportunity to develop family faith formation. Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin to send out more information. Soon, you will also meet Leah Kurzynski, our Faith Formation Director. We know such programs take time to develop so we are grateful for your patience.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr Ed Anderson

Fr Ed Anderson
Email: fatheredanderson[at]
Phone: 715.817.3736

St. Joseph Church – Rice Lake
Holy Trinity – Haugen
St. John the Evangelist – Birchwood
Our Lady of Lourdes – Dobie