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It is certainly remarkable how quickly our lives continue to change. Perhaps all the more reason to keep your prayer life centered and focused. This is a link to the readings of the day:

The first reading is from Exodus. The people have seen Moses go up the mountain. Without their leader it is so easy to remember how ‘good’ they had it in Egypt. Can being in slavery actually be called ‘good’?

We like to remember how good it was when we were growing up. I think we remember how good it was because our parents paid the bills, did the laundry, and drove us everywhere. On weekends we looked for ways to entertain ourselves. There were parties, sports, movies, and all kinds of ways we entertained ourselves. We lived in a time of great scientific developments. Technology gave access to everything happening in the world. And just like the people in Exodus, we remember but were we becoming enslaved to our own passions and desires?

We want so desperately to cling what we had in the past that often times we forget who is providing all of this for us. The problem with constantly looking for ways to entertain ourselves or add excitement to our lives is that once we experience it we are not satisfied. We begin to immediately look for more. Just like the people in Exodus, if we don’t get what we want we make our own golden cows.

Jesus came to testify to the truth. His truth is that we be in the moment. As life develops and evolves around us let us open our hearts and minds and reflect upon what is affecting us now. What is it in our lives that is giving us direction? If we can discern the Holy Spirit working in us we are being in the moment. And once we know that we are living in the moment, we can open our hearts to loving our neighbor.

Today, is it enough to just do an elbow bump when we see each other? Can we not find another way to greet each other by our words and actions?

Let us all be in the moment for each other.

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