Good news we get to open for mass this weekend

We need to keep the same restrictions.

We will be keeping the same mass schedule

St Joseph:

  • Saturday 4:30pm
  • Sunday 9am
  • Sunday 1:00pm [Spanish]
  • Sunday 5:30pm


  • Saturday 4pm
  • Sunday 10am

HT:  Sunday 8:30am

SJE: Sunday 11am

The additional criteria is that we can allow up to 25% church capacity to enter the church. People can reserve a place by calling the office if they want but it is not required. All other criteria from before is still in effect. We will not have communion services continue. Any additional instruction will be given before mass by the priest.

I know there are many questions. So, I pray for your patience. We are going to start slowly and in a conservative manner. If I have not addressed your specific question in the instructions below then I would suggest you stay home this weekend and be safe. We would all like to have everyone attend but that is not possible. Also realize that each church/cluster that will be starting Mass Services will not be identical. Each church is designed differently. What works at one church will not be appropriate for all churches. Nor does each church have personnel to make sure we comply with all the restrictions. Just know we are attempting to do the best we can. Because this is lengthy, I am high lighting some keep portions. Some of the instructions below are specific to St Joseph.

On Saturday, June 6th  Bishop is allowing us to have Mass with restrictions and appropriate measures implemented to protect people who wish to attend these services.  No one should feel obligated to attend. If you are high risk or living with someone who is high risk, you should not come. If you need assistance walking or would need to use the elevator you should not come. If you have flu like symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has had the flu or exhibited symptoms you should not come. If you have had cancer, are diabetic, or have compromised health issues you should not come. Bishop James Powers has dispensed our obligation to attend mass. If you have any of the above situations please stay home, watch our live streaming masses or recorded mass. You can still make a spiritual communion.

Copies of these restrictions are online and will be in my daily email homilies. We would really appreciate your patience and cooperation.

The following steps are not only to protect you but all that come to these services and those assisting to provide these services.

We ask everyone to wear a mask out of charity for others and to protect yourself too. Look for the marks on the sidewalk and/or in church aisles indicating appropriate social distancing guidelines. Do not socialize in the parking lot before or after Mass.

There will be hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit. Please use them. We will have signs up as reminders of these instructions.

All ushers, greeters, and other volunteers must wear masks and gloves.

Pews will be marked where to sit. Follow ushers’ instructions.

As you leave there will be a basket for your weekly donation.