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November 15, 2022


Advent Means HOPE

We celebrate Thanksgiving, survive Black Friday, and begin the Church’s New Year with the First Sunday of Advent. Already we are hoping we can make it to Christmas. There will be traditional parties, school programs, and planning which parents get Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

But Advent does mean hope. This can be an awesome Advent with a little help.

The original hope was the coming of the Messiah, Emmanuel. People of the Old Testament understood the meaning of hope. For centuries they had been living with this hope. And then with John the Baptist and Mary, we discover a hope lived and experienced. Our hope is different because of the coming of Christ. Our hope now looks forward to a heavenly homeland. But Advent still means hope. A hope of finding a new spiritual reality for our lives.

We are hoping to provide you with some wonderfully stimulating and hope-filled experiences to make Advent a true time of preparation for the coming of Emmanuel. This is not to add to your stress or anxiety of preparing for Christmas but rather to offer you opportunities to say yes to hope. To experience life from a spiritual perspective.

Saying yes to hope means moving from this world to a new world.

You can say yes to some of these events or to all.

No matter what you choose, you will be brought closer to Christ and a new life filled with hope.

Father Ed Anderson

Fr Ed Anderson

Key | OLOL – Our Lady of Lourdes | HT – Holy Trinity | SJ – St Joseph | SJE – St John the Evangelist | Bolded – Holy Day of Obligation/Fulfills Holy Day of Obligation

1st Week of Advent

Friday, December 2nd

Rorate Caeli Mass | 6:45 am @ OLOL
SJS Adoration Event | 12:30 pm @ St. Joseph School Gym

The sacrament of reconciliation is available during Advent – 6:00 pm every Monday at St. Joseph Church in addition to our regularly scheduled confession times.

2nd Week of Advent

Sunday, December 4th

Red Cedar Community Choir Performance
2:00 pm and 4:00 pm @ SJ
*No Spanish Mass OR 5:30 pm Mass

Monday, December 5th

Men’s Evening of Reflection | 7:30 pm @ SJ

Wednesday, December 7th

Advent Adoration (The Veil Removed)
5:00 pm Vigil Mass for Immaculate Conception @ SJ

Thursday, December 8th

Feast of the Immaculate Conception
8:30 am @ SJ with school children
8:30 am @ SJE
7:00 pm @ SJ
7:00 pm @ OLOL

Saturday, December 10th

Celebracion de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration)
12:00 pm Mass with Mariachi Band
Fiesta from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm @ SJ

3rd Week of Advent

Sunday, December 11

Bambinelli Sunday | All Masses in the Cluster
Bring your baby Jesus from your home nativity to be blessed

Wednesday, December 14

Advent Word and Song | 7 PM at SJE

Friday, December 16th

Rorate Caeli Mass | 7:00 am @ SJ

Saturday, December 17

Women’s Monthly Social | 9:00 am – 11:00 am @ SJ

4th Week of Advent

Tuesday, December 20

St. Joseph School Christmas Program | 6 pm at St. Joseph School Gymnasium

Christmas Eve Masses | Dec 24

Holy Trinity | 4:00 pm
Our Lady of Lourdes | 8:30 pm
St. John the Evangelist | 6:00 pm
St. Joseph | 4:30 pm | 6:00 pm (Spanish) | 10:00 pm

Christmas Day Masses | Dec 25

Our Lady of Lourdes | 10:00 am
St. Joseph | 9:00 am

New Year’s Eve & Day Masses

New Years Eve| December 31
Our Lady of Lourdes | 4:00 pm
St. Joseph | 4:30 pm

New Years Day | January 1, 2023| Solemnity of Mary
Regular Mass Schedule
Holy Trinity | 8:30 am
St. Joseph | 9:00 am | 1:00 pm (Spanish) | 5:30 pm
Our Lady of Lourdes | 10:00 am
St. John the Evangelist | 11:00 am

Key | OLOL – Our Lady of Lourdes | HT – Holy Trinity | SJ – St Joseph | SJE – St John the Evangelist | Bolded – Holy Day of Obligation/Fulfills Holy Day of Obligation

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